I’M NOT ENTIRELY SURE about other people, but I usually spend most of my working hours in quiet alarm, feeling less like the captain of some great steam train traversing a continent (or at least a few prickly suburbs) and more like a nervous fare evader unsure of everything except for the heavy sense that … Continue reading Grit

The Travelling Insect.

I overheard a conversation between two guys earlier today. They were talking about travel and one said to the other with more than a paltry smack of boasting, “I’ve done Switzerland, three times!” Now, aside from the grammatical implications of speaking about a country as though it were a thing that could be completed – … Continue reading The Travelling Insect.

A Mature Hour

When I sit down to write I always come on too strong. Each time I am a virgin in bed with a beautiful woman—all elbows and clammy feet. I am too eager to please. Too concerned with how I look to her. Too bewildered that this time might mean something or everything. Too afraid that … Continue reading A Mature Hour


It’s almost Christmas, which for me, has typically meant a ratchet’ing up of my Grinch’ian persona, who although doesn’t try to steal Christmas, becomes particularly enraged by annual retail psychosis and consumer stuff-lust. Each and every December, my usually pleasant trips to the local shops become ghastly assaults on my person and senses where I subsequently play … Continue reading HUMBUG! AND OTHER CHRISTMAS THOUGHTS

Russell Brand’s Revolutionary Road

Russell Brand’s recent fisticuffs interview with BBC politician-slayer Jeremy Paxman, in which he passionately pissed on current democratic systems while championing for some kind of socialist-leaning proletariat revolt, was received with standing applause from millions of people who although adept with GIFs, arguably possess a toast crumb of political nous and routinely demonstrate genuine desire … Continue reading Russell Brand’s Revolutionary Road

I’m a Biophiliac!

I found out the other day that I’m a biophiliac. Don’t worry – there’s a good chance you are too, but your before you speed-dial your therapist, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t require shock therapy or an upped dosage of Xannies. Biophilia, a hypothesis first defined by the esteemed biologist, Edward, O. Wilson as … Continue reading I’m a Biophiliac!

This, That and The Other.

Last week Ed Husic was appointed Kevin Rudd’s parliament secretary. During the swearing in ceremony with Governor-General Quinton Bryce, Mr. Husic decided to pledge his oath on the religious text of his Islamic faith – The Quran. For some of us, Mr. Husic’s ceremonious gesture of doing his darndest in parliament would have held about … Continue reading This, That and The Other.